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- Engineering Consultancy

As professional Consultant, Al Dhabi Engineering Consultancy specializes in providing the necessary skills for any client’s engineering, architectural design and construction needs.

The task of Al Dhabi Engineering’s team is to respond to the client’s requirements throughout the project level form the initial design till the end of project.

Since the Office was established, we did many design and supervision jobs of several large construction projects that ranging from commercial, residential and services projects.

The Office also assist our clients in submitting projects to the construction license management-Abu Dhabi Municipality, follow all procedures required for appropriations by the competent government departments (architectural, structural appropriations, civil defense, electricity, water,..etc.) and also obtaining the building permit for the project.

Al Dhabi Engineering and Environmental Consultancy brings aptitude and capability to accept opinions and constructive criticism that lead to the clients benefit.

Our Engineering services are:

  • Architectural Design.
  • Project Management.
  • Structural Design.

- Environmental Consultancy

The world has seen in wide attention to environmental issues and protection from pollution risks in order to preserve the integrity of the components and sources which is the basis for the continuation of human life safely, after negative risk having reached the highest abuses resulting from industrial and technological developments, causing serious pollution to environment with harmful materials, due to shrinkage and retreat of environmental awareness to reducing depletion of natural resources.

In this context, the Government of Abu Dhabi is a unique model in preserving and protecting the environment where held a prominent position at the regional and international levels for its remarkable achievements in environmental protection , which made it to upgrade in recent years to the ranks of developed countries. Like other issues that concern the State, preserving the environment became an obsession from the directives of his Highness late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan because he was aware of his insightful about the importance of balance between sustainable development and the environment, which preserving for next generations their right to enjoy life in a healthy and safe environment.

The Government has also worked to establish several bodies and agencies to maintain the environment, such as Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi – which is the top regulator for the control of environmental affairs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

We provide services have been adopted by the competent authorities and help our client to manage their business in accordance with the environmental requirements established by the State, and this services include:

  • Waste Reduction Report (WRR).
  • Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP).
  • Environmental Action Plan (EAP).

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